Software for PCI Teletext Data Generator and Inserter Card

Item (Click to download) Date of release  
Hardware specifications 13-02-2005  
Installation notes 13-02-2005  
PCI Card driver for Windows 2000 / Windows XP 13-02-2005  
API for driver 13-02-2005  
Teletext Transmission Server 13-02-2005  
Remote Administration Tool 13-02-2005  
Teletext Editor 13-02-2005  
Teletext Editor Installer 13-02-2005  
User Manual for Editor 13-02-2005  
Configuration Manual for Teletext Transmission Server 13-02-2005  

Note: PCI Inserter card and software runs under 2K and XP. Editor and Administrator runs under 9X,NT,2K & XP.

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